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By now as a business owner, you should have implemented the necessary course corrections to your business strategy to address shortfalls in the 2010 bottom line…  if not, what are you waiting for?  Rest assured your competitors have already done so.  Remember, the longer you wait to take action, the deeper hole you will find yourself standing in.  Before I dive into this week’s newsletter, I just wanted to remind readers that previous editions can be found online at our blog or alternatively by going to the Premier Business Operations website.  I also wanted to thank everyone that has gone to our Facebook page and become a fan of Premier Business Operations.

This week’s newsletter topic was inspired by 2 events that occurred within the past week, both relating to the importance of customer service.

  1. The first event related to a shorter than expected layover at one of the largest airports in the US where I had to change planes late Friday night.  I was returning from a brief business trip to LA which necessitated a short 50 minute layover at Dallas – Fort Worth Airport.  Unfortunately we left Orange County’s John Wayne Airport 30 minutes later than planned, leaving an optimistic 20 minutes at the 4th busiest airport in the US.  Of course, I was arriving at gate C28 and needed to go to gate A38 – no small feat in a 20 minute window.  When I realized the layover was going to be short, I had a brief conversation with a flight attendant about the situation.  Prior to landing, she arranged a change of seating between myself (27C) and someone seated in a row much closer (5C) to the exit.  She wasn’t done yet…  when we arrived on the ground, she used her cell phone to call another flight attendant on the plane to St. Louis alerting her to the situation.  With the help of the two flight attendants and a little running (fortunately I pack lightly), I was able to make the connecting flight and be able to arrive home late Friday night.  Obviously I was a satisfied customer.
  2. The second event actually occurred when my wife and I walked into a small gift shop in a cute retail area that is commonly frequented by tourists as well as regional consumers looking for cute or quaint oddities, dust collectors or antiques.  When we walked into the store and began browsing, it was apparent that we were the only ones in the shop and I was a little stunned that a clerk didn’t come up and greet us.  In some sense, I was relieved since we weren’t really looking for anything in particular and would have replied with the trite, “we’re only browsing.”  After walking through the entire store, we found ourselves in front of the check-out counter and cash register.  Behind the counter were 2 young ladies, maybe about 20.  They were chatting about their lives and school with a little giggling intermingled.  Neither one looked at us, greeted us or asked if they can help us find something.  We then walked out of the store shaking our heads at the odd experience.  In short, I felt like I had just watched a video where the actor obviously has no clue that anyone is watching or listening.  While we didn’t make any purchases, I would never recommend this shop to anyone.


Reflecting on both experiences, there were obvious differences in my experience as a customer but there were some commonalities as well.  Neither employee was the owner of the company or store so the notion of customer service is the responsibility of an employee who is really the face of the company.  It was obvious to me that the flight attendant had either been trained or advised on how to handle customer issues no matter how trivial.  On the other hand, the 20 year old clerks either had never been instructed on properly greeting and catering to customers or the store owner was oblivious to the situation – probably the latterBottom line a satisfied or happy customer is a likely repeat customer…  remember one of the hardest things to do in business is to regain a dissatisfied customer.

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