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So the first month of 2011 is now well behind us and the end of the second is a mere week away…  have you made any adjustments to your marketing strategy from last year?  Remember, the longer you wait to take action, the deeper hole you will find yourself standing in.  Before I get into this week’s newsletter, I just wanted to remind readers that previous editions can be found online at https://premierbusinessoperations.wordpress.com/ or alternatively by going to the Premier Business Operations website:  www.premier-business-operations.com.   I also wanted to thank everyone that has gone to our Facebook page and become a fan of Premier Business Operations.

For those of you that have been followers of Premier Business Operations Newsletters, you may recall that I’ve occasionally included information videos, although some have been humorous

In my quest to continue to educate my readers, I found a very insightful video that discusses various reasons for business failure.  This is especially important for small business owners that tend to have much less ability and cash reserves to recover from an ill-fated decision than the large global corporations.  I hope that you find it informative and that it will inspire  you to make better decisions for your business. 

For many of the issues that are discussed in the video, Premier Business Operations has the ability to help you analyze your business situation, develop a recovery plan and guide you on the road to success.  To find out more about how Premier Business Operations can help you achieve the success you envision, please visit our website at www.premier-business-operations.com or contact us at information@premier-business-operations.com

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